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Dr David is a Holistic Chiropractor | Applied Kinesiologist | Functional Biochemist | Human Behaviourist | Author | Speaker

“I view all of life as an incredible gift of spiritual evolution. Each moment is your opportunity to heal the past, transcend a fear and to stun people with beautiful service”

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What Others Are Saying

Hi David, Just a quick email to say how much Rob and I enjoyed your talk, it was a great evening! It was so interesting, that I didn’t even notice what the time was. Also good to hear other peoples experiences. Your information will really help to keep us on track, as we aim for a healthier lifestyle. Thanks!
Hi David, Thank you so much for taking the time to create your seminar last week. There was a lot of valuable information which I have taken away from it and it has really changed my perspective on the way I now choose to live. Thank you for showing me how to surrender the negative feelings, I could have gone years continually trying to find the medical solution to try and rid myself of ‘illness’ when the answer of letting go and acceptance is really the key to living life to its full potential. So I thank you greatly 🙂
Thank you David, it was a pleasure to have you impart to me just a little of your vast knowledge.It was very informative and I learnt a lot. Thanks again. 
 Hi David, Thank YOU for last night. I found it all very interesting and informative. (as always) And it is incredibly inspiring to see how much you love what you do. I look forward to giving the calibrating a go!! Look forward to the next talk! 

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The Art and Science of High Fat Low Carb Eating

  • Eat. Good. Fats

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  • The art and science of eating low carb

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  • Why fat belongs in a healthy diet

    An un-biased look at what the science really says

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You might be surprised to discover you’ve been told a lie…specifically of the supposed dangers of a high fat diet. You may be even more surprised to find out that the science conducted on it over the last 60 years is almost unanimous…high fat does not cause heart disease cancer or diabetes. But a culprit has been found! And I’ve put together all the information you’ll need to eat in the most healthy way you can, and drop the guilt associated with eating delicious fats!

The solution is simpler than you think

  • Why Eating High Fat Is Safe
  • The Clear Science That Supports It
  • How Eating Low Carb Improves Health
  • Tips and Tricks To Get You Started
  • How to Plan, Prepare and Eat High Fat